Taxi speed warning on runway

I was flying on expert server, coming from EHAM and I was on short final to ENGM. It was not an active airport but when I landed on runway 19L, I got a taxi speed warning! Luckily, I got no violations but does anyone know why this has happened? Really weird and annoying… 😬🤷🏽‍♂️

Sorry? That doesn’t really make sense… Or do you mean that as a joke?

Are you sure you were on the runway? If you’re not past the threshold, it’ll count that as a taxiway.

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Yup, I was by the centre line the whole time. The warnings popped up around 3 times and disappeared after 5 seconds or so.

Hmm… Must’ve been a small hiccup. Luckily you didn’t receive any violations.

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I wasn’t able to replicate this, could you share the replay please?

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I just looked at the replay and the strange thing is that there is no taxi speed warning now. Strange 😂🙇🏽‍♂️

Do you still want the replay file?

If it doesn’t show in the replay, there is no point. It must be a bug then.

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Yeah this happened to me when landing at SCAL in a 747 as part of a Qantas event. I was directly on centreline after just touching down on expert server when it flashed a few times. I’m normal nervous about violations on expert so I was full brakes, spoilers and thrusters the second it came up (was at 80 kts).

As you can see I clearly wasn’t on a taxiway.

@DeerCrusher is this a known issues?

I made two passes.

Once, landed where you’re supposed to, and one at the edge of the runway before the displaced (slightly) threshold. (I don’t think the blocks at the end of each runway are part of the runway, itself, in this instance.)

I received the warning on the second but not the first.

Since you haven’t shared the replay, we can’t know, but I’d guess that’s what happened.

This happens to me as well! Really annoying…


This happens to me all the time and it can get annoying it happens when I land AND take-off

No, actually the hold short is just a line, like a centerline, IF code does not see the taxiway after the hold short line as part of the runway.

@Vinne I checked the apt.dat file of the airport, and it doesn’t seem that the taxiway touches the centerline of the runway at any point, because I only see that as a possible answer. Maybe restart your app?

The orange is the taxiway.

I said threshold, not hold short line :). I meant the part of the runway where there’s concrete but the actual runway hasn’t started yet, as you can get violations for going above 35kts in those spaces.

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Oops, I misread it :) You’re correct in that case!

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Right, because they’re not part of the runway. If you look at the diagram, they’re differentiated. I don’t know if that’s the case in the IF build, but it seems likely since it’s universally landing on those parts which creates the taxi warning.

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