Taxi speed warning on runway

Just got a warning for the 2nd time for taxi speed above 35 while I’m still in the center of the runway after I land. Anyone else having this issue?

Hmm, I have never experienced this issue. I recommend putting this in support topic.

Which airport was this at?


Does the runway have a displaced threshold?

This has happended to me before.Where you on the edge of the runway?

That should answer your question.

This has happened to me at KOTH but it was not at the center of the runway it was at the end of the runway on take off.

This happened to me at KMKE (RWY 25L, occurred during my takeoff roll) and KORD (RWY 28C, when I was landing) both occurred when I was well past the threshold of the runway. I unfortunately had no pictures of it because I just thought it was the winds that were causing that to happen…

This happened to me too at KTUS runway 11L on expert.

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