Taxi Speed Warning AT05 D85 Skiway

Hi there

Last night I made an unplanned landing at AT05 D85 Skiway in Antarctica, runway 27.

I touched down around 180kts and received a taxi ground speed warning, then violation by the time I’d come to a stop.

I landed on the centreline of the little snow strip, so shouldn’t have received the violation.

Thought I’d flag the glitch with that field, and request that the violation is reversed. Thanks!


Hey Campbell,

What is your callsign and display name? In addition, what was the aircraft that you were using?


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Hey Matt

Display name is campbelljordon
Was in a 787-9 call sign Qantas 42 Heavy



I was able to pull up the log and from what I could see, the speeds that you were flying shouldn’t have warranted a violation. For that reason I have reversed it for you. Something to keep in mind, AT05 has a runway width of 49 feet x 9363 feet. Its likely that on the 787-9 the main gear over hang the runway. Essentially you were straddling the runway. Here’s a diagram of what the field looks like, but as you may have noticed there aren’t really any runway edge lines.

I know Antartica isn’t the most user friendly of destinations to divert to so I didn’t have an issue with reversing something like this. Its hard to distinguish between runway and terrain.


Thanks a bunch, yeah it wasn’t as pretty as I was hoping it would be as a destination to divert and overfly!

Thanks again

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