Taxi Speed Violations

Ok, here goes.

I got a violation for going over the taxi speed, but I was on 35 kts and that was it.

The warning said that over 35 kts was not allowed, and I didn’t go over.

Has anyone else have this issue?


It would be 35.00000000000000000000000001 knots which would have rounded off to 35. Practically you are above 35.000000000000 knots and therefore you got a violation.


Ahaha yeah I guess

I also have issues when I am slightly over speed and to avoid a violation I deploy the airbrakes and set the autopilot speed under, but it doesn’t slow down fast enough and I get one.

From a simulator point of view taxing with about 35knots will not happen, rarely if at all 😊

You should not taxi at 35 knots anyways…


Yes I’m aware, but it shouldn’t be fair to get a violation for not going over 35 knots

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Or 35.49 ;-P

That’s kinda your fault, just reduce your speed before reaching the limit

If you are paying attention, there is more than enough time to hit the brakes and slow down from the time you get the warning to the time you get the violation.

Worth making sure that you have GROUND SPEED selected whilst taxiing. If you are seeing air speed only and you have a tail wind easy to go to fast and not realise it


I think it stupid when you have to expedite and you go on the run off at about 40-50kts and you instantly get a violation

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keeping it realistic expedite means get to 35 knots and turn off as fast as possible not get off the runway as fast as possible XD some aircraft would flip over at 50 knots XD

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Yesterday I was trying to take of in a 747. I must have accidentally hit the vertical speed button, cause it was stuck at 0 and I couldn’t get airborne. I didn’t notice it so I throttled up. I ended up running off the runway and got a violation for speeding. Over 250 kts through the grass. So that wasn’t being considered taxiing. I was banned from the Advanced Server at that time.

I also once got a speeding violation while rolling out after landing. There was no exit nearby so I didn’t break and was going somewhere between 50 and 60 kts before slowing down near an exit.
Never though that would/could happen.

When does landing become taxiing?

I now have 30 violations in total (after 62+ hours and 76K+ XP). Still not bad but I want to prevent that number going up.

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i literally had the same issue yesterday!

Had you passed the runway threshold?
And during your takeoff where you couldn’t climb you’re probably best to quickly quit the flight. This way you wouldn’t get a violation or be banned from the advanced server, that’s what I would do until there is a solution

Yes, of course. Why?

I thought of that myself. AFTER it happened and I was beating myself up! ;)

The C-172 can takeoff at that speed lol. C-172 not C17

I sometimes get that notification shorty before touching down on a runway.

Well you you’re on pg and they make you line up and wait and forever and traffic comes to short final you have to get off the runway quick

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