Taxi signs, taxi light on plane, taxi lights for night mode


My request is three fold. I enjoy infinite flight due to it being the most realistic flight sim of all sims. That being said taxing is not as realistic as it could be. I would like to see three things.

  1. Most folk have requested 3D buildings or push tugs I would ok to see taxi signs, hello black taxi IDentifires and and run way crossing signs. I have had to jump between screens to figure out what runway I was crossing to request crossing
    2 this is for night taxi, a working taxi light would be nice on that reflects of the ground and light things up just as the nave lights do.
    3 night mode just shades everything darker and turns on runway lights. Taxi blue lights would be an awsome add in my opinion but at minimum the centerline green markers would work to help se where you are taxing at night. I would rather you cockpit camera for taxiing but more often than not have to pop out to free just so I can manage we’re I’m taxiing

Please only request one feature per request.
Also, these are all already requested. Please read the other threads.

They were necroed, and these are al to deal with taxiing so it made sense to do it as one request. If I requested a new livery, cargo door opening and winglets on an erj would it make sense to be one post or three?

One request per topic.
Search before posting.
Good luck.