Taxi routes

I have searched for taxi route rules/guidelines to no success. I have seen suggestions for the sim making a map but no one explaining how to use an airport map. Help please. What are the rules for taxiing from gate to runway and back.

Is this about ATC?

Also it is very hard for Infonite Flight to put in laps to the game it’s best to Google the ICAO charts and use it off there.

Works on similar airport procedures are on the way though!


Since there are no specific taxi routes to follow, it is at your discretion. However, use common sense in not taxiing through others (👻 ghostable) and taxiing through grass, buildings, etc.

Just follow give way to…, hold position, and other instructions from ATC.

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@Spartandefense… MaxSez: IFATC has “Progressive Taxi” Commands in their Comm Menu only. A request for this Taxi direction service is NOT in the Pilots Comm menu, Suggest you float a Feature, you may break “Their” Code of Silence on self serving things and your wish will come true; IFATC boutique Taxi direction service on request for the Lost Sheep! LOL!
JustSayin, MaxSends


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