Taxi routes and websites for taxi?

is there a web site were you put in a route and airline and plane then it tells you what terimal to go to and what taxi route?
because I hate it when I am in a United B737, then I see that I am parked in the Cargo Terimal


Yeah happens to me sometimes, usually end up in cargo terminals since they are closer, but airport taxi diagram maps can be found anywhere on the internet, just google it up

Check out VirtualHub:

LiveFlight Horizon subscription also has airport diagram with all gates etc.

This is what it looks like:

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I do not know for any that shows you taxi route apart from the classic flight progress strip from Flightradar24.

For looking for the gate you use FlightAware to track any flight to see the departure/arrival gate

Source: @BinaryChess (Took screenshot from here )

In this flight, I see the departure gate but unfortunately can’t see the arrival gate. For this, you will need to browse on the internet or ask someone for help


I would try FR24. You can just search any flight and then zoom in to see what gate they parked at. It also shows where they taxied.


Quick answer (DM if you need more info):
• google the flight and check what gate it departs from and park at at arrival

• find the chart where the airport diagram will detail the gate numbers and locations (to find a chart, the easy way is to google: Charts ICAO and work with the most recently updated one).
There are many other options such us LiveFlight, FlightAware, etc… to work with.
For more realism, Gates are to be chosen depending on your plane’s category (regular, heavy, super, cargo…).


I normally use Google Earth, the resolution may not be good, but we can see where the planes are parked.

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