Taxi Route Map

Hello aviators,

I had seen some Ground controllers are able to use customized taxi instructions , which displays a route on pilot map.

Does anyone know is this feature active for all ? Any dates when it is planned ?

it is only able to be used by IFAET members and the higher up IFATC members(i forgot the name) It can be used by any IFATC members at some airports and i do not believe there is a date for when it will be released to all.

Opening it for all users will provide more use cases , rather than keeping it limited. Wish they do so.

The feature is under open beta, which is why only some users can access it. This is to squash out any bugs before opening it to everyone else.


It is only available on the expert server as of 7/20/23. I feel like that is a good choice giving that the fact that trolls can abuse this feature on the training server.

This may require the controller to be an IFAET/Beta member to use it. It requires the airport to support taxi routes and the public to have the same version of the scenery as the controller for it to work.


So many different answers here…

This feature is available to IFATC who are either IFAET members or beta testers. This feature is only available at certain airports which have a taxiway network. Hence why not all users can access it, and the people who can can’t use it at every airport.


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