Taxi Route Directions

As I am not able to post in features due to low TL I have to post it in general.

I hate it when I’m losing myself on the ground because I don’t find the correct taxiway to runway XX. Happened to me yesterday in KOND.

What about a feature that directs us to runway hold short line with an arrow on the screen.

Like when ATC clears us to “Taxi to runway 24L” there will pop an arrow giving us the directions like a GPS on our cars. The same could work on Unicom as soon as we announce taxi to a runway. I would love it.

Sometimes it happens when you spawn on KLAX want to takeoff 24L and choose a gate near to the runway. Then ground clears you to taxi across the whole airport. That’s a bad situation especially when you don’t have a ground chart with you.

I’d totally love this feature in the future :)

  • That’s a great idea
  • Resume own navigation

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Nice idea. Mine is the beta and your follow me cars would be the final version 😂

Max Sez… There are sufficient “Q” available in the Cockpit to speed you on the way as you taxi to the active. Use the Cockpit Camera & Radar Display for field orientation. Practice with the “Q’s”, it’s part of the skill building process!
(The Tower Camera feature is Pilot friendly!)

Tower view is good for an overview of course. But it’s not really realistic. As long as we don’t have taxiway signs we need a workaround.

What “Q’s” do you mean?

I think what they should add is the outbound destination sign, which is a light box situated next to the taxiway indicating where to turn to taxi to the right runway, looks like this: image


i agree man

This is something similar to what MS Flight Simulator does. Good idea!

Maybe like turn on a progessive taxi symbols that shows ip as arrows guiding you to the runway

That’s what I meant ;)

There are Signs supported by the software editing tool. This is another layer of detail to be provided at some later date. In the meanwhile I have been adding ‘actual IF’ layouts of each and every Bravo/Charlie Airport in IF along with the location of the spawn points. Enjoy

@Clement_Boisselier, did you mean like this sign?

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Is that a ryanair on a grass runway?

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thats what i

This would be nice. I think some extra setup is required before it can become a reality, but I’d love to see this.

In the meantime, use (US airports, mostly) or equivalent to find airport diagrams. They’ve often been really helpful for me when determining a taxi route at larger airports, even if not completely perfect.

You can find a lot of airport diagrams on the Internet. That’s right. But I don’t have the correct charts with me at any time. So it would be the best solution to implement this anyhow.

I was talking about the sign not the airplane lol.

Stil hilarious though.