Taxi - requesting progressive taxi instructions

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New Option for Progressive Taxi

No, when I land at my nearest controlled airport in real life, tower will hand me to „Hannover Rollkontrolle“ (ground) and they’ll tell me something like this:
D-KMTS, exit via Charlie, continue on Foxtrott 1, turn left on Mike, park at GAT 12. I’ll quickly take notes of the instruction and then look on my Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart which gives me an overview of the taxiway network and parking areas.

In Infinite Flight it’s: taxi to parking

What do we see: a pilot actually doesn’t plan his/her taxi route.

I‘m sure there are pilots in IF planing their taxi routes, but you can hardly tell on which taxiway you are in game at the moment (I still root for taxiway markings and a taxiway map though).

Why not use this hopefully temporary solution for taxi commands and help the pilots out a little?

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Ofcourse it brings more work! Most of the times planes have to make 2 or more turns, that are 3 more messages (accept progressive taxi instructions, Turk left, turn right) I think I would deny it most of the times, it is also pretty easy to forget and you have to switch to tower mode to see where they taxi on the taxiway, because there is no taxiway map yet…

I mean it doesn’t add more work to the work we already have, which already includes progressive taxi. If ATC doesn’t want to give progressive taxi they don’t have to.

Yes I understand they can deny it, already said it twice, but wouldn’t it be better if we can combine 2 things to 1 command, that will save a lot of time.

That’s where my all time favorite feature request comes into play once more: the Drag-And-Taxi feature. It would significantly reduce the work load on the controllers side while reading out the real world phrasing to the pilot. Additionally, I feel like ground is the „by the way“ frequency at the moment, and tbh you don’t have much to do. With the new commands you have some more opportunities but when the ground commands get extended on a real-life level, ground would become „full“ frequency always occupied by one controller.

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Yup also my favourite…
I think infinite flight should implement this ASAP, so we can get rid of these progressive taxiway stuff, because it is way to busy most of the times to actual use them.

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This won’t work because the controller will have to make all the taxi decisions before the plane actually starts taxiing. This would actually be more work because we would have to plan out the entire taxi, instead of quickly being able to send individual commands. Plus planes are constantly moving so the possible traffic conflicts are constantly changing.

Just drag your finger over the taxiway isn’t going to take a lot of time. Atleast less time then these individual commands
In reality you would have a few taxiways you use for everyone, so it is going to be an easy job.

Notice I wasn’t talking about the drag and taxi feature, I was commenting on your all in one taxi instruction, which is completely different. I don’t want to go off topic. This is a different feature request.

Oh okay, I already found it a bit weird what you said. And no there is no reason to go off topic. So conclusion: drag system should be implemented, and this system takes to much time

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Good find, I had searched but not seen that one.
That one very much looks the same as my request, with this difference that the other request is more about guidance for all aircrafts to their correct place on the platform, which I agree can introduce a giant overhead. My feature request is in-line with the idea behind the progressive taxi instructions, and is very much focussed to help a pilot find his way to the correct runway or parking area.

Yes, it can be equally abused, but hey, what can’t be abused these days…

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Surprised this isn’t in yet! Maybe a complete remake of the taxiway instructions is better, with gate assignments and a drag feature.


I think the need for requesting progressive instructions is no longer necessary with 20.1 bringing airport maps - however I do think gate assignments and the drag and taxi feature would be nice although there is a separate topic for this

Why not? People might still want instructions to drive to their gate. The map doesn’t change anything about this.

This sounds great! I always hate it when your not quite sure of where to park or need any help with navigating the taxiways. 😀

For me this has a good amount of positives and negatives.

  • pilots get to their preferred gate etc without conflict
  • Can be used in low vis situations


  • Extra workload for controllers, note that 1 controller usually takes tower,ground and atis.
  • Would be highly requested if released, spamming controllers game and can be distracting.
  • Trolls on TS would taxi you around everywhere but the runway
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@DS2001 my point is that the map enables people to navigate the airport without instruction. If someone wants a specific gate they can always check online as to where they should park. This would be a nightmare for IFATC especially at times like FNF.

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This is a good idea but;

You are right…

In airports with little to no traffic, this sounds like something fun but a day’s hub or FNF would be too much work for the controller…

IFATC can control multiple ground frequencies, we can control different areas in one airport thus reducing controller load but then we’d have like 3-4 ground controllers if everyone requested progressive taxi instructions… This may be useful but then pilots can taxi with the map with the addition of taxiways in 20.1 :)



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