Taxi Question

If your on a taxiway and you come to another plane head on what do you do?

You mean face to face?

Wait for the ground controller to do something or turn onto a different taxiway to go around the other aircraft.

Yes correct

What if you’re at KNUC for example (sorry for being tedious)

I think “Now what do we do?”

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I’m not sure. I usually check before I turn on the taxiway.

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I don´t know. It shouldn´t happen. Quitting before parking? I was told XP was still given.

Hey Ben …

If you come face to face with an aircraft , you should stop and try not to kiss ( jks ) or taxi through the aircraft. Controllers on the Advanced server should help you out with these scenarios as they are Professional Ground controllers.


I figured there wasn’t proper procedure but I was curious to see if there was. Thanks!!

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This shouldn’t happen in real life because there are controllers but Google it and see if something comes up.

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Full speed ahead! Hope for the best.

Kidding. Basically in real life it shouldn’t happen because of Ground ATC selecting certain taxiways for different aircraft. Since its IF don’t worry.

Wont happen at KNUC if you/other guy follow instructions.


It won´t happen anywhere else in fact.

Before turning on to a taxiway you have to check to see if clear. If there is an aircraft already on the taxiway to your right then you have to give way to it. If it’s on your left then you have right of way. Landing aircraft will have priority over aircraft ready for takeoff. As always listen and obey ATC!

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