Taxi Procedure for large aircraft at KOSH

I was flying out of KOSH in the a330, I was reminded that my aircraft is usually to large for that GA airport but at the airshow they have had 747s and multiple huge aircraft at the show. I can not find taxi instructions for large aircraft. Thanks

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By taxi instructions, do you mean gates/spawn points?

No, there are spawn point where the large aircraft would be able to park, some of the taxiways are to small for the aircraft to mauever, ie 747, a330, a350, etc.

They seem to use P1 exclusively from 16R/36L, I might be wrong but that’s what it looks like. And they pushback on to the runway.

See that’s what I thought happened but was not totally sure.

So they start by the ATC tower, do they go A2 to 18/36 and back up

Oh yes, it’s not P1, it’s P2. They just come and go from that area from what I can tell if they are that size of an aircraft.

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