Taxi-out gates; Its not a difficult concept

You don’t have to, and in some cases, you are not allowed to, push back out of your parking spot. Taxi-out gates are a form of aircraft parking that allows an aircraft to maneuver under its own power without the assistance of a towing vehicle. While commonplace in many airports, all too often this type of parking is novel and confusing to Infinite Flight pilots. One of my greatest pet peeves as IFATC is when I specifically instruct pilots how to use them, with a “continue straight ahead” command followed by taxiing permission, but they still push back. Pushing back while not being instructed to do so can cause interference with other aircraft, resulting in unrealistic and incorrect behavior, and, if needed, reporting by the ATC. To pilots who may be confused by this, please have a gander at the diagram below with a few examples of how to properly operate out of these locations, and if you are asked to “continue straight ahead”, please do so to avoid your controller losing their mind.


I have seen a bit of this too. At EGLC no less.

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Bumping this up for today, seeing a lot of people push back out of these types of gates at LEMD today.

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@Aceorbit. MaxSez: Well said and it had to be said!. Unfortunately the Trainer Server Controllers on the most part don’t follow this Straight Back/Out Procedure where required and the new 3 bring bad habits to the EXP. A bit of guidance by the Trainer Server Overseers is suggested.
Also suggest all IFATC’s be reminded the “continue straight ahead” ect are not options but requirements on Aprons with “ maneuvering slots”.
Just Sayin, Max

(Pilots, listen, comprehend , implement ATC instruction explicitly & expeditiously )


Training server literally doesn’t matter because the controllers have no ghosting power over the users anyways. Expert server however is juicy, and it satisfies me to see people inconveniencing other people get ghosted.

MaxSez: Could not agree with you less. The Trainer is the lifeblood of IF. It’s an incubator,
(The skilled Pilot visits the Trainer periodically and utilizes PM’s to correct Trainee Procedure Error where a Forum address is posted. There is IFATC oversight regularly I’m told.)

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Wait, so you like seeing people get ghosted? I’ll tell you what, I certainly don’t.

This concept is one that many don’t understand, which is understandable, but I feel that other ground concepts should be emphasized.

The Expert Server should be kept to the highest standards at all times. Adding on to with Max said, the training server is a valuable asset and does have a purpose.

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Ok let me clarify. I’m merely saying that in this specific context, this isn’t a worthy issue on Training Server, because controllers have zero control over what users decide to do, or whether they choose to play realistically or comply with commands. I’m NOT disregarding the importance of the Training server as a whole, for it is a server that caters to up and coming pilots, a place where they can practice their procedures and familiarize themselves to the rules and regulations before proceeding to Expert server. Don’t put words in my mouth.


I do so as long as it’s well deserved. It irks me on Expert server to witness users breaking rules. Realism is the very foundation of the Expert server, and if realistic behavior is not exhibited, I believe ghosting is necessary for the upholding of standards.

@TOGA. MaxSez: Do me a favor, Never volunteer for IFATC, your cop mindset don’t fit in my opinion,
G’day, Max
(Will be pleased to continue this via PM if you choose, last comment your thread)


Thank you ! Il was annoying seeing this in LEMD today

You have a good point it would be nice.

I’ve been on the other side of coin where I requested taxi out of taxi out gate and a IfATC refused and threatened to ghost me. IFATC needs to know what are taxi out gates at the airport they are controlling too to ease the flow of traffic at times. Quicker for an aircraft to taxi out from a taxi out gate than push back and block other aircraft that may need to push back.


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