Taxi line disappears when using the bottom camera (KLAX)

So, I just did a flight out of L.A and I noticed that the “invisible” ground has returned (maybe). I see the asphalt itself but I cannot see the taxi lines.

I was on a B737BBJ at the bottom view, at the sunset, in KLAX, when this happened.

All graphic settings were on high.


This issue is happening to me in the B737 & B738 so far. To reproduce this: align with the parallel taxiway for 7R/24L and use the bottom camera. The result should be as above. Hope there’s a solution for this.

Hi there!

Try clearing the scenery cache from time to time. I generally clear my scenery cache just before I do a flight to ensure everything loads in properly. Go to Settings, scroll to the bottom of General, and hit ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Confirm’.

Thanks for the imput, but this doesnt work. I tried again and nothing

Looks like the issue is on the parallel taxiway on 24L. Anyone else can teproduce that?

Bottom camera on the B737BBJ

I was not able to reproduce this. Try deleting and reinstalling the application.

After my current flight to FRA I’ll check the issue further. Thank you.

I would try rebooting the sim before reinstalling it. If you want to save your replays don’t forget to back them up!


Seems to be a scenery issue when taxiing the parallel runway of 7R/24l. In the B737 & B738 so far

To reproduce this: go to the taxiway, and put the bottom camera, and you’ll see that the taxi line is away. You can also enter that taxiway with the bottom camera and the taxi line starts bugging, until it disappears. My device is a Tab S6 lite

B738 issue:

Hey there!

Maybe there way an issue at your scenery download?

  • Re-Install it?
  • Clear Cache?

But I‘m pretty sure you have to delete Infinite Flight and re-download it and it should work!

I‘ll buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and I‘m pretty sure its not the Tablet maybe it’s the server or something like this ;)

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