Taxi line bug at KCVG

I was at KCVG and there were random lines going in different directions. See below. I don’t know if it is like this in real life.

Hey! This is a known issue for some airports and I believe in the next airport editing update the IFAET will be fixing this.

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A defunct team can’t fix this. 🙃 Additionally, this is something that the editors can’t control—it needs to be rectified by the developers.

Edit: The new scenery editor may allow an editor to resolve the issue without developer intervention.

@Chief_Beef - this issue stems from an error when Infinite Flight reads the previously used files to create airports (by the former IFAET).

Certain airports still have this issue, however, but it will be addressed in a future update.

Thanks for the report!

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oh ok, thank you.

@ButterAllDay thank you

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I just assumed these were the taxi lines for Casual Server


Well technically the airport editors are the new IFAET now.

But yes one of us shall look into it and pass it along to the appropriate editor