Taxi Lights

Hey IF Users,

Who else thinks adding Taxi Lights would make it easier to see at night time when flying? I don’t know if all users think this, but I think it is hard to see at airports with no Taxi Lights…

I’m guessing this is something Infinite Flight has in the works:)?



Hi @MrJackT14,

I fully agree with you. If you would like to see taxi lights in Infinite Flight, be sure to leave a vote, and continue the discussion in the topic linked below. Thanks!


Yeah I find it incredibly difficult to see at night even with full brightness. Taxi lights would definitely make it easier

You know, when I think about it… we really need them. Maybe ATC commands that state specific taxiways and signs to help out with it.

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When it is night time, I can’t see a thing, even when the brightness is turned all the way up

That’s why I always use daytime settings for night operations and turn it to nighttime after takeoff.