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Hi there I’m sorta new to the community, but struggling with a few things. 1st, is there an ATC schedule for the training server of is it the same as the expert server? And 2nd/most importantly, been finding myself flying night time flights more than intended (San Fran and LA seem to be the few airports always available with ATC), that said, I’m embarrassed by my taxing in night time. If runways have lights, will taxi lights be incorporated? Keeping track of the yellow lines, especially on the dark asphalt is such a brutal task. Or maybe could there be some increase in contrast on the lines? Any other tips to taxi correctly at night? Thank you.


Yes, taxi lights are indeed in the process of being added :)

However, with the TS atc schedule, TSATC hasn’t been very active so I haven’t seen any schedules (besides ES schedule) in the past weeks. Sorry :/



Is the expert server ATC / airports more active?

I believe that to be the case because there are around 500 of us part of IFATC and at least 50 are active every day, 24 hours around the clock controlling featured airports.

For flying/taxiing at night check this out:

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What I normally have to do if I’m taxiing at night and I’m really struggling is to change the time in the settings. It’s not great but stops you running onto the grass area and helps finding the gate.

There is also a feature requeat for taxiway lights that you can vote for here.

Agrees, taxying should not be such a hard task, but not being able to see the lines on the ground really makes it extra challenging. It’s like taxing with super low visibility.

Yeah it’s a pain but im sure it will be sorted whenever they can. If you have the brightness up on your device and you’re in a dark room you can see fine when its dark. Well I can anyway :)

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