Taxi lights, taxi lane lights, runway lights

One of my current issues is the lack of visibility, and a strong lack of taxi lights.

Once again taxi lights are currently a long awaited feature to be added, it relates to taxi lane lights.
Every taxi lane, and taxi letter should have a strong shine to indicate where to go. Being a pilot myself its hard getting a strong visual on where your initially going no matter what taxi lane or runway; It’s mandatory to make runway lights more bright, this should’ve been resolved a long time ago. Every taxi lane should be equipped with strong blue lights to indicate pilots where to go.


The importance of taxiway edge lights, and In ground centerline lights?

Currently the main issue with half the Infinite flight users is the extreme lack of lights. One of my alter favorite approach is night, reason is because its easier to move around and you get a better visual of where to go. Centerline lights and edge lights should be bright SHINE colors during night taxis. With edge lights and centerline lights being bright it gives us a good indication on where to go I’ve stated this a ton of times and its quite important factor, and quite essential and beneficial for the IF community. Runway lights should be bright colors when performing night approaches and gives the runway a more realistic feeling.RunwayGuidance-1

Another great feature to look into is the runway lights?

Every runway in infinite flight should have something related to this, especially at more busy airports as if KLAX, and EEGL. This is quite essential and beneficial for some pilots who prefer night approaches, don’t get me wrong on this one a beautiful night scenery with bright taxi lane lights, and runways would make Infinite great the way it is. But still infinite has a ton improvements to work on and that’s currently to fix taxi lights…strobe%20light

This is currently infinite flight!

Yes, this is a joke but thought this is a fun gif it self. Infinite needs to seek some improvements in re-thinking and improving taxi lanes and edge lightings and runway lights. It’s quite essential and provides us as pilots a good visibility of the runways it self. Taxi lights are quite necessary for many reasons, It provides great visibility, Gives us a good indication on where to go, We tend to not go of the runway when taxing in complete darkness due to edge lights.

Taxiway Edge Lights: Taxiway edge lights are blue in color and line the taxiways. Airports often have green taxiway centerline lights, as well.

Clearance Bar Lights - Set inside the taxiway, clearance bar lights are steady yellow and are meant to increase the visibility of a hold line or a taxiway intersection at night.

Stop Bar Lights - Only installed at select airports, stop bar lights are meant to reinforce an ATC clearance to cross or enter a runway in low visibility situations (low IMC).They’re in-pavement lights that are steady red and extend across the taxiway at a hold short line. Once a pilot is cleared onto the runway, the stop bar lights will be turned off.

Runway Guard Lights - A pair of two steady yellow lights that are positioned at each side of the taxiway at the hold short line, the runway guard lights are meant to draw attention to the hold short
line - the area where a taxiway meets the runway.

These are all important factors and should be taken into consideration as if its mandatory to have in the Infinite flight community.

Strobe lights are quite important for anti-collision accidents.

What is a strobe light?
Strobe lights are bright, flashing lights on the wingtips. They serve to augment the airplane’s visibility at night. They are the brightest airplane lights and are visible from miles away. They are turned off when operating in proximity to other aircraft, or in clouds.

Another important factor for infinite flight is the feature of strobe lights, it’s quite improvement to avoid anti-collision accidents within aircrafts departing or arriving. It’d be quite essential and a important add on to take into consideration.

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I agree 100%. This would greatly
Improve night flying!

While I completely agree with this,
Unfortunately request post cannot be posted until you hit TL2

Understood I just wanted it out there, Plus I’m still new to forums. Thanks in advice.

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Trust me I was in your shoes once I joined the forum so I’ve been there and done that lol

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