Taxi lights leaked image!

New Taxi lights leaked pic!!


Ouuuuuuuuuuuu could it be!

I think its coming out soon…

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I don’t think that is a new image, I feel like I’ve known that since a few weeks. And I also don’t think they will be released soon.

Are those yellow stripes illuminated taxi way signs?

oh ok i just saw it online the image

idk i can’t reall see them…


Hey guys,

I’m closing this to avoid the inevitable speculation that would and already has started on the topic. I did want to address a few things:

  • That picture ended up getting found out a few months ago

  • Infinite Flight has confirmed that they are working on taxiway lights

  • There hasn’t been any word on progress with the lights, so I wouldn’t speculate on the release of it. IF works on multiple things at a time. They have confirmed they are working on the Ejets, F/A-18, and taxiway lights so far.