Taxi lights in development

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I saw that the taxi lights feature is one of the most voted feature here. Just want to know if they are currently being worked on and what is preventing the developers from adding it instantly? Is it some issue that our devices cannot run or otherwise? I am no IT person so I would appreciate some explanation on the technical difficulties that are preventing taxi lights added in a instant. Thanks for your time!

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It is not being worked on, the devs are currently working on the 777

Yes they are being worked on. Check this stream out for more information:


Just a little extra side note on development.

Nothing ever comes instantly, things take their time, especially when developing to the modern day standards and optimising things for mobile devices.

As you know, the IF dev team if working on Project Metal, as said in the live stream, that is what needs to be put in place to add other things in the future, like clouds and taxi lights.


Oh maybe not instantly but as the AET already developed the taxiway lights, I think the developers can just enable it? Feel free to correct me if I wrong :)

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Not necessarily, it would require coding to enable it to work and not be an impact to device performance.

Not exactly, that why they are doing Project Metal, so they’ll be able to work up to that

they said that in 777 the taxi lights will come

In the 777 update? That was never said

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The taxi lights were handed off to Phillipe (one of the developers) who didn’t feel like he was ready to talk about this progress. It has been confirmed in development, but they’d need to design everything from lights to how they react the the such. And it is correct we do put taxi lights into the game, however there is no component the game can use for picking up these lights and putting them into our visual gameplay

^ I also just realised a missing piece of the double yellow. I believe that has been fixed since.

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I’m talking about the taxi lights of the 777, not the taxi

The most voted request is taxi lights on the airports :)

Thisn confused us.

I believe it was mentioned somewhere, but they didn’t say much to it, I cannot fully remember.

Mentioned in the Live Stream @Chatta290 linked. Philippe mentioned that he wasn’t going to comment much on their status. But it is in the works! 😃