Taxi lights does not work sometimes

Sometimes / some airports the taxi lights don’t work for me, i have tried to restart the game and clear cache but no use

IPad Pro 2021
IOS 15.5

What airport(s) have you seen this at? It is possible that when the airport was edited, the editor didn’t add lights (if edited a long time ago), or it is possible that the autogenerated airports don’t have lights included right away.

My best guesses but I can see if the lights are present on my side.

Possible it’s a bug, as it’s a new and complex addition to the game. Laura has said that Infinite Flight are still developing them


Did my quick research and the reason you aren’t seeing these lights is because they were not added! If an editor comes around to update that they will, but for not it is not a thing. This may be the case for many other airport you come across, just as a heads up!

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