Taxi lights (CLOSED)

Hi devs,

I think a great thing to add in the next big update would be taxi lights. I think lots of people want taxi lights so they can fly out from an airport (having to taxi to a runway, etc) without having to change the time in the game because they can’t see the taxiway. Let me know if you think differently!


Hi there! Please make sure you search to make sure your request isn’t a duplicate as this is.


Oh boy. Here it comes…
I won’t get the link in time, but this already exists.


this is already a topic

Ah, sorry.

I did it.

Someone can close this.

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Too late


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He cheated. I had the first post. Whatever.

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I’ll just change this to something else, is that allowed?

Guys, there’s no reason for four of us to need to comment. It was said, it is over. We are just awaiting closure now.

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Oh ok I’ll just leave it then.


I guess he can change it, right? We can close it temporarily, he can edit it.
Although it’s probably easier to make a new one

Yeah I’ll just leave it.

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Duplicate, open feature linked above.