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I’m not able to create a topic under features, so I hope @carmalonso can transfer it to the right category.

Sometimes it’s hard to find your way on an airport.
Would it be possible to add taxi instructions like “Take the second taxiway on your left.”, so you’ll be able to safely get to the assigned runway?

It would be a great solution until taxiway names/number can be implemented.



Doesn’t sound very realistic :/
I prefer waiting (or hoping?) for taxiway designations.


@Jan_Polet Laurens is correct on the realism front, but this could be a interim solution, as an naming system is harder both devs, pilots and in its current form, ATC to implement and use.

PS: All regulars can change categories :)

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I know but implementing taxiway names/number seems like a lot of work.
In the meantime I can imagine controllers want to direct aircraft to a runway using a certain route.
It’s better than nothing and probably a lot easier to implement.

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I think taxiways names will come in the future, see the below post for that.

Maybe something like you said “take the second taxiway on your left” has potential though. That is, until we establish taxiway names.

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@Joost3008 Yes I am! :)

Does this map help:

I like it its a lot better

So for 04R follow A or B around main apron then follow Z

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Thats better than that you drive the wrong route

That would be nice but a lot of work, since signs would be needed at all airports.
That’s why I suggested that controllers can direct you to a runway giving instructions like: “Take the second taxiway on your left.”. Less work and it can prevent ending up nose to nose with another aircraft.

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@Jan_Polet. Jan what your talking about is a feature call “Progressive Taxi” it’s use at some minor US Airports with light traffic. Tower Provides turn by turn taxi instructions to the active. It’s time consuming and interferes with traffic flow at medium high traffic airports and is not a feature that you’ll see in IF now or in the future it serves no useful purpose. I suggest you use the on board capabilities. The 3D Cockpit which allows you to pan the Tarmac, the on board Camera System to include the panning Tower camera and the Cockpit Radar.
What you see is what you got. Airport diagrams are available on line at Regards Max

I disagree. Some airports are so large with so many taxiways it’s hard to figure out which ones to take. I can imagine controllers also want to be able to tell aircraft where they should go.
Others are asking for something like this as well and I hope it’ll get implemented in the future.


@Jan_Polet… Jan in my experience Major Airport Operations world wide use “Follow me” vehicles! Ground & Towers are normally understaffed and do not fund for the extra pair of eyes necessary to facilitate this “convenience”. We’ll see if IF bites! I don’t think so… Max

(I don’t know if Controller “Want to tell aircraft where to go”! I do know where they want Pilots to go, I’m told is a very hot, dark & dank place!)


At EHAM Ground guides planes to and from the gates.
In this case only “taxi via the Alpha track” can be found, but there are several other instructions since one of the runways (36L/18R) is far from the terminals and there are more ways to get there, depending on runway usage and destination. Cargo takes another route than PAX.

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Maby if we have the taxiway lights the lights turn green so you can follow that to your runway

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“Alfa Track” and similar airport taxi tracks are found in Flight information pubs like Jeppsons or in the Flight Director Memory which also contains the Airport Diagram. IF is getting there. For now the Pub mentioned are readily available on the Web. No body said it was gonna be EZ particularly when your dealing with a Phone or Pad memory limitations. Max


@Joost3008. We need blue taxiway lights for now. Changeable color lights are a distraction, particularly to those making a first time landing at the drone.
Red/White/Yellow/Blue & Green are kinda standard worldwide per ICAO.

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I so love what de devs have been able to build into IF.
I have an iPad Pro, so I’m not worried, but I know a lot of different less powerful devices are being used.

Biggest challenge is that many airports are not staffed to even run ATC so providing verbal help would be sporadic at best. If I can provide layouts I will. What I have provided is a site where

  1. All Bravo and Charlie Airports are catalogued
  2. Links to the ‘actual’ gate names used in IF so you can see where you will spawn
  3. Listing of Liveries used by each airport with ability to see which liveries are used at each terminal
  4. Livieres will also tell you ALL IF airports served by them

Everything in the WEB Site is IF centric so info on liveries, airports and gates not in IF will not be shown.

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