Taxi Instructions (Advanced)

Usual what all ATC do is when someone is to taxi, ATC will use A, B, C etc. to sequence the aircraft on the taxi way and to avoid collision. How this would work is on progressive taxi instructions ATC can say for example at KAUS taxi via G3, G, C to RWY 18R, if they are ready to taxi.

And when you are off the RWY and ready to taxi to parking you can ask for a specific gate and ATC will give you instructions for that also. On the diagram above say a 737 from southwest landed on RWY 18L and wanted gate 22 ATC would tell them taxi via A, H, G1.

The reason I would like this to be in Infinite Flight flight is to make taxiing more realistic.

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There is already an existing feature request for this topic, feel free to check it out with this link:


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Oh ok thank you I’ll check that out 👍🏻

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And this one also: ATC Taxi Instructions

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