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Hi, I just started using Live and need some help with taxiing. When I taxi, I often crash into the grass or over turn. Any tips to overcome that?

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Taxi at 10% for any aircraft with 4 engines and 20% for twin engined aircraft, I always use the brakes to control the speed otherwise I will turn to wide so just try using your brakes so you slow but keep enough speed to turn

When you want to turn, your speed should be 10 GS

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Should this be moved to tutorials?

No it should not. Let the regulars handle where it goes.

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@SirPilotOfAviation… MaxSez: Yr goin to fast! Throttle up till you get that hunk of junk Movin then throttle back maintain 15/20. MPH ground speed by brake & throttle manipulation. Approach the threshold stop line rolling, retard throttle/brake manipulation. Try it as above refine it as you gain confidence. Good luck.

(Taxi is not a race to the threshold stop line. Let the arse bags do there thing.
Taxiway courtesy is contagious)


In a nutshell: Slow down


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Make turns at no more than 10kts and de-couple the ailerons and the rudder in the settings, under the Auto Coordination tab. Using rudders to turn gives more control over the aircraft and is realistic.

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When you are taxiing you must give power max 40% N1, not POWER, you can see N1 on the POWER, it’s green, then when you are turning at 90° you should be at about 10kts and when you apre turning more than 90° you should be at about 15kts, also I give you some tips about lights when you apre taxiing:
• When you are pushbacking: NAV Lights --> ON
BEACON Lights --> ON
LANDING Lights --> OFF
STROBE Lights --> OFF
• When you are taxiing: NAV Lights --> ON
BEACON Lights --> ON
LANDING Lights --> ON
STROBE Lights --> OFF

I hope this message like you! ;)

Not many people know this but if you use the rudder slider and slide it DOWN, it actually acts as a brake. You will be using the rudder slider for steering during taxiing anyway so just slide it down for braking and left/right for turning. Much easier than pressing that brake button again and again 😁

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Stay under 30kts :) also apply brakes when you turn

take turns maximum 15 kts ground speed, use brakes to slow down, and turn with rudder not airleons

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