Taxi feature for ground

Now we have 3D buildings and gates it’d be nice to be able to request taxi from hanger to gate or gate to hanger from ground. What do members think?

Why though

I have seen these ground movements where flights scheduled for later are parked at remote gates and don’t occupy air bridge gates for longer time, as the slot nears aircraft is towed from remote gates to terminal.

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Interesting idea. Although you could request pushback, then request taxi to parking…

Would be a neat feature for sure! Gate assignments based on aircraft size, airline, and location would be cool. Maybe the addition of a ramp setting that has input from ground. Tower hands off to ground, ground hands off to ramp. Ramp does pushback procedures, hanger or storage to gate functions, while ground handles taxing to runways.
Make a lot of sense and might be really cool to add!

To add realism, an aircraft could go from maintenance ramp to gate before a flight.

Great idea sir.

Right now, you can do this by asking taxi to parking after pushback. I don’t see what would be the difference.

I do that a fair amount, and it really, really, really confuses controllers.
Normally I get a “check help pages” instead of a taxi clearance

From an IFATC point of view if you wish to ‘taxi to parking’ after requesting a pushback to simulate a move to maintenance, then we would just treat you like any other ground traffic.

However it’s recommended you don’t do this at busy airports…FNF hubs for example

I’m on the fence as I see the value in what you are asking, just from a controller perspective its difficult to anticipate the route you will take as we don’t see gate/ramp types etc on the ground map…

I don’t think this could be able to achieved. Hangars in IF are closed, and it would be unrealistic to pass through a closed door

Nice feature but a bit much movement on the ground then

I dont see why this should be allowed for players to do this. My biggest concerns would be in ways this could be abused and performance issues/ airport jams that could occur. Often times ground ops will move aircraft during low traffic. I would also like to note similar to pattern work its often not used for a productive purpose because of the generally higher traffic density live atc draws or the ATC conducting it is spamming the commands.

exactly thats what i wanted to say

I know hangers in IF are closed but there are a lot of parking spots that don’t have disembarkation tubes in them. Besides you can park in front of the hanger without going through them.

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This will only be allowed when the airport Is not busy and at the ATC’s discretion .

Thanks everyone for your contributions, no matter your stance on the idea we can all agree that for those that want the most realistic flight experience it will be a great addition, whether it’s possible is a different matter.

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not all are 🤔