Taxi clearance

Question: if you are cleared to taxi to a runway, are you not cleared to cross all runways also to get to runway?

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Yep, you always ask for clearance from ATC before crossing a runway.


Correct, you need to either request to cross any runways on the way, or ATC will give you a clearance if a crossing is needed; even before you request.

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I would thought the clearance should have been to hold short ?

Explicit Runway Crossing Procedure and Rule Changes

Beginning June 30, 2010, controllers began issuing explicit instructions to cross or hold short of each runway that intersects a taxi route. More recently, FAA Regulation 91.129(i) has been changed to reflect the new procedures. The new regulation reads:

91.129 Operations in Class D airspace

(i) Takeoff, landing, taxi clearance. No person may, at any airport with an operating control tower, operate an aircraft on a runway or taxiway, or take off or land an aircraft, unless an appropriate clearance is received from ATC.

  • As a result, “Taxi to” is no longer used when issuing taxi instructions to an assigned take-off runway.

Hold short means you stop at the line before the runway, you don’t cross the runway. ATC will then tell you you’re cleared to cross when it’s safe. But, if you come up to the runway and they havn’t cleared you to cross, always ask for clearance.

@Walter_Slingerland in Infinite Flight we don’t have specific routing in the taxi clearance like in real life, so a controller has to clear a plane to cross or hold short independently.


In Infinite Flight, ATC will still say “taxi to runway __, contact tower when ready” or will give progressive taxi instructions.


Real world is different I guess per explicit instructions by faa

This brings up a question as a add on, now that I think about it.

If you are told to “follow the aircraft ahead”, do you not need/request a “runway crossings clearance” because its assumed your following the aircraft ahead that already is cleared to cross

So would you cross with them and not “request crossing” or dose one still have to be be issued?

As I said earlier. After you receive clearance to taxi to your assigned runway, you still need another separate clearance from ATC to cross any other runway you encounter on your way to your designated runway. Taxi permission does not mean you can cross the runways you meet ahead.

This is for Infinite Flight purposes. I am sure IRL instructions are more specific. As “Taxi to runway 16R, hold short runway 22” all as one instruction, for example. :)


I am trying to become ifact I didn’t find anything on it

Follow aircraft ahead does not act as a “flight of XX” so both aircraft would need an individual runway crossing clearance.


So its its a flight of xx it would count as one crossing clearance as it dose for landing. What about departure?

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Aircraft flying in formation (flight of XX) act as 1 and only 1 aircraft on all aspects. Only the lead aircraft receives and reads back for all aircraft of the formation.


Oke nice thk for the info!

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I was wondering about that but I’m to lazy to make a topic…. That and I have never really made one lol. So I wouldn’t know where to start.

Thanks for that.

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Don’t hesitate to ask an IFATC member ! By PM here on the IFC or on Discord !


Always ask! I watched some user in front of me get kicked from the game.

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