Taxi Clearance - Where's Mine?

Hello all!

I’m just looking for some input or suggestions on what to do…

See, I’m currently on the ground at LPPT and I’ve requested taxi from the ground controller (Not naming names). I was told to “Hold Position”. So I waited 5+ minutes and thought that ATC must’ve forgotten about me, so I requested again. This time I got “Please follow instructions” and “Hold position”.


Sorry, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t taxiing or doing anything I shouldn’t have been?

Anyways, no, there’s nothing in the ATIS that would prevent me from flying and yes other aircraft have been given taxi clearance when they’ve asked…

Pleas help! This is NOT how I planned on spending my afternoon, and yup, I’m pretty bent on departing from this airport…

With gratitude,

(P.S., this is in no what meant to shame the controller, I just want help/suggestions on what I can do)

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Hey! Your best bet to find out is to send a PM to the controller asking what’s going on. They’re the only person who can give a definitive answer.

If you’re not able to PM, feel free to post the controller’s info here and we can point you in the right direction.


Yeah, I’ve PMed them and I also changed my callsign to “CHECKIFC”… so far no response.

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On that note, after about 15 minutes of waiting I’ve been given taxi clearance. I suspect the controller just saw my DM. Thanks all!

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I’ll make sure he reaches out. Already spoke to him about using the reminders feature that ATC has on their end. Thanks for the polite post. Sounds like you did all that you really could do.

Next time, if you don’t hear anything back after 5 mins at most, send another request.


Glad to hear :) controllers don’t always check the IFC while controlling, so be careful relying on PMs in the future. It’s best to be patient and let the controller take care of things. Sometimes you end up holding because of something the controller is doing that May not be obvious from the pilot side.

Anyway, I’m glad you got rolling. Have a good flight.

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@tomthetank @DeerCrusher Thanks for the help! I’ll keep these tips in mind, safe flying/controlling!



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