Taxi and Taxi Planning

Hi everyone, I was just wondering as I am looking for inspiration on how to be more realistic when using Infinite Flight and was just wondering how people plan their taxi. Do you use Navigraph, the mini-map, or a different app or something to plan how to get to the runway?

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Whichever gets me to the runway the fastest 😂


I literally just Taxi to the Runway in the best way possible lol

Also Taxi at 40kts you’ll get there quicker! Just kidding lol


Depending on how realistic I am trying to replicate a fligth I use a 3 step process:



Infinite Flight:

However I have to admit that I usually just find a realistic Gate and wing it from there.


I just go there as quickly as possible lol

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Hey @kaibroadbentt good question.

Once accepted to pushback I started the beacon light, start the push back and once I am about 5 feet from the starting position I start engine 1. Set myself in line with the taxi lines, start engine 2 and stop APU ( I started before I do my FPL).

Once accepted to taxi I follow the mini map and try to find the best taxi ways to accomplish two things:

  1. Fastest time to the runway
  2. Stay away from traffic which saves stop and start fuel useage.

If a airport has two taxiways then I use the one closest to the runway when departing, and closest to the terminal when arriving.

I use this method for all my flights unless it’s GA. Hopefully you’re talking about commercial and not GA lol.

Here’s my way of planning my taxi:

  1. I look at FR24 to get an idea of the real world taxi route and also looking at the charts at the same time
  2. In my OFP I read up the notams to see if there is any taxi closures/gate closures aswell as having the chart on the side
  3. I look at all the different exits that I could exit the runway and examine all the other taxi routes.
  4. I repeat the taxi route over and over again to make sure it’s stuck in my mind and that I know where to taxi. Especially good practice for RW flights with my PPL starting soon

I think taxiing “realistically” is a real challenge. We simply don’t have the same situational awareness from the cockpit view that real pilots in real planes do, and they spend a lot of effort twisting and turning their necks around to see all angles. Crashing your wings into a building or another plane would have serious consequences in real life… at least a level 2 violation I’d have thought 😉.

The other views we have, like the HUD only or the external views are hardly realistic, but I admit I do often have to resort to an external view just to be able to scan wide enough to plan my progression. Also flicking into the map is a must for me at key junctions.

I usually follow a real-world flight and try recreating the taxi path of it I get from the FR24 replay by using a mix of the minimap and visual comparison between the real world and the game

Personally I like being realistic but won’t go to the step of using charts and checking METARS, other systems and whatsoever outside of IF. I used to but found no major difference in between wheat I do and just takes a lot more time.

I personally use Flightradar24 to get a replay of the latest flight, usually within the past 2 days of a route I’m about to do, where I use the gate and cruise altitudes for the flight. I might use Flightaware and YouTube to find more gate information if Flightradar24 isn’t covered.

I use the pretty much standard for the flight information. For taxiing I generally will trust the airport has sufficient taxiways to in real life quality. Since I usually up to date with the work and status of global large airports, if there isn’t the right coverage for the airport I’ll generally update it myself if I can.

go to flightradar24 and filter flights to desired specifications (airlines, type, airport, etc). click on a plane icon → “more” → “playback” → download KML file to see path on google earth. then on google earth uncheck “route” and leave “trail” checked. usually fl24 tracks the flight from gate to gate and can help you taxi realistically.

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