Taxi Aid Indicators

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This Feature is one of the simplest to implement and its one of the most useful when implemented.
This is simply two indicators which would be added to the nose gear camera on each commercial plane in the game which would aid when turning during taxi. What you would basically do is keep the dot on the taxi way line when turning. This would keep your turn as smooth as possible and it would be more conveniant then switching cameras again and again. Its a really small feature which would help alot in the long term.

Note: this is my first feature request so pm me if ive done anything wrong.

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i have under the pic Theres a link


Oh sorry - it is kind of hard to see as the blue is a similar colour to the picture!

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I’ve never had a problem with taxiing or having bro switch cameras to taxi

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There are some people who have to refer to tutorials on how to keep their aircraft on the centre line. However having simply two dots would be the easiest option. This feature would just make things more realistic.


It does look really useful.


Would be incredibly simple to implement but also very useful!

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Pilots actually have this, nowonder they always are perfect on the line , this probably inspired park assist cameras in cars.

I think this could be a potentially feature to add sometime after Global since most pilots just want Global and updated aircraft now.


It’s something that can come with global. It’s not hard to implement. Il

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Also note-
If these were to be added, it would be great to have them on most newer aircraft which dont need to be reworked.


I think this is a well needed feature.