TAROM Virtual Presents: Bucharest Madness || 12AUG23 @ LROP


Photo credits: @YT_Sniegutizzz

Event description

Ladies and gentlemen, TAROM Virtual presents to you a brand new event! Join us for TAROM Virtual’s electrifying event, Bucharest Madness! Get ready to be captivated by the vibrant energy of Romania’s capital city, as we embark on a virtual journey through its rich culture, history, and landmarks. Immerse yourself in interactive sessions, exciting performances, and engaging discussions, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Bucharest like never before. Mark your calendars and join us for the ultimate virtual adventure with TAROM Virtual!

Event details

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Server: Expert
Time: 2023-08-11T21:00:00Z2023-08-12T21:00:00Z
Date: 12th of August, 2023
Lcoation: Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, Otopeni, Romania (OTP/LROP)

About us

TAROM Virtual is a relatevely new airline approved on the 13th of May, 2023. Our goal is to keep the Romanian and the European skies safe with our training programs. Our current staff team consists of 2 people: @pog_3r and @YT_Sniegutizzz.

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Here is what you get if you apply for us from August 7th to August 20th:

No training
1.3x multiplier for 1 week
2 hour starter
4 free codeshare routes

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ICAO Airport Name Country

LROP, Bucharest Airport, Romania

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Bumping! Its going to be great

We are waiting for more sign-ups guys! Lets make this happen!

It looks amazing, but unfortunately that day i have a chess and mathematics courses, but looks really interesting @TAROMVirtual !!

Wish you the best,


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Bump! Lets try to make this airport as busy as we possibly can!

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The event is happening next weekend! Sign up now and don’t miss the opportunity to discover new cities and lands of Romania!

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I can probably control for this event


The event is happening tomorrow!

I can probably control in the morning for you

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Thanks to @QatariVirtual and @FinnairVA for ,sponsoring" this event if you can call it a sponsor.


Yeah, we are joining you, whatever we shall call it ;)


The event has started! 11 hours until the event ends! Lets get this airport busy!

TAROM Virtual, your comfort, our goal!
Chief Executive Officer - Snieg


Feel free to start aa flight into LROP and also have ATC at your destination. I will be there until like 1700z!


To start this, firstly i want to thank the people from @TAROMVirtual for creating this event at Bucharest, my home town, and for giving me the opportunity to see this beautiful airport having lots of traffic!

Secondly, i want to thank to those from @FinnairVA for attending this event, and for making this airport even busier than it is in real life. You guys had a splendid inbound into LROP from LGAV with around 5 or 6 aicrafts, and then also a nice 2 aircrafts departure to EDDF! Congrats!

And the last, but not least, i want to thank to all the other people that attended this event while i was controlling, you really made the traffic here be pretty similar to the reality at some times!

Thanks to everyone again, for me it was an honour controlling my home town’s airport during this event! And now its time to do a flight myself into LROP 😁


Thanks for the kind words. It was lovely to be part of this event day. And yes, the capital of Romania deserves some love and I hope you will get the 3D update on LROP soon. We also enjoyed LROP-EDDM-LROP rotation prior to the later flights ❤️. Thanks for the top notch ATC services.

Kind regards, Pilot_Aaltonen, AYVA COO


Does anyone have screenshots of the traffic?

Here are some from our inbound LROP from LGAV.


They look great, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, I suck on editing photos, or even taking ones… :D

Thank you for controlling our base airport <3

CEO - Snieg