Tarom VA

This is the Tarom Virtual Airline. Who wants to join has to say his name. I’ll announce the future events here, so don’t forget this thread.

Tarom, would you consider joining SkyTeam. Infinite Flight’s largest virtual Alliance?

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Hi there,

Which region does Tarom VA operate in? What will be your routes and which aircraft will you be operating?

Good luck with the start up!

It operates in that Europe zone. And the A318 is the only aircraft in the game with the Tarom Logo

Yes, i would like this

What do i have to do?


Get a website, make it nice! Then think of a way to make your VA unique and if you need more help, you can always ask @Skylines (who manages Sketch Flight Design!)

Sketch Flight Designing

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Ok, thanks

Please pm Me @AlexTheA320Pilot

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