TAROM Unveils New Livery - Lufthansa, But Bigger

Look familiar?


For what it’s worth, the old livery isn’t much different. The new livery extends the blue tail down to the fuselage.

Today, Romania’s flag carrier, TAROM, received its first of 9 ATR-72-600s and featured a new livery on the aircraft.

Image credits: https://twitter.com/AeronewsGlobal

In my opinion, it’s a nice refresh from the old livery which had an old feeling to it. Though, it’s pretty similar to Lufthansa’s… (even though TAROM had the blue livery first, thanks BravoCharlie)



OMG I love the new livery! It looks so clean.

I actually think that Lufthansa’s is similar to Tarom, because Tarom was the first one with the dark-blue tail. Just because its updated and enlarged doesn’t mean its necessarily copied. In fact, I think its actually quite different.

Nonetheless thanks for the post Ishrion, I didn’t even know they updated the livery!


It looks nice but it’s way too similar to Lufthansa’s.
It’s like copying someone’s homework and changing small little details to the assignment.

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It’s a really great looking livery! And while I agree that it has its similarities with LH I feel that this is just a design which Europeans (at least me) really like as it looks very classy in my opinion!

Thanks for sharing!


Yeah, that’s true. Though, I gotta say, it’s like the bird logo on the tail is getting bigger each time…

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This triggered flashbacks of Copa copying United

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Actually Copa has a good reason. Continental Airlines bought like a 49% or something stake in Copa which is why Copa’s livery is similar to Continental, which ended up being United’s after the merger.


I still like it. ♥️

It’s similar but I like TAROM a little bit more!

One of the few updated liveries that actually is better than the old

Lufthansa lookalike or not, it looks very nice.

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European airlines with blue🤔

First Joon then Lufthansa then Aegean now this.
Either way, looks dapper than it’s predecessor livery.

Its not Lufthansa, its just LOT disguised as Lufthansa disguised as TAROM.



Eurowhite… I honestly don’t mind it. Not horrible.


Well…I just saw this topic and I need to say something about it ( Is still my country flag carrier). First of all, I think it looks way better than the old livery especially with that creamy streak. Second, if ATR ever comes in IF, WE NEED THIS (will made a feature request later :) ). I have 5 flights booked for the summer with this beauty so it will most probabbly be a pleasure to fly with it. :D

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Blue is the historic colour of TAROM, did you expect them to change it to pink?

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Very oddly similar to Aegean’s new livery…

It is still Eurowhite ;)

RIP Tarom, Eurowhite gotem too

I don’t care who gets a new livery as long as Delta dosent