TAROM SkyTeam Boeing 737-700

TAROM B737-700 ‘SkyTeam’ Livery

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TAROM, (legally Compania Națională de Transporturi Aeriene Române TAROM S.A. ), is the flag carrier and oldest currently operating operating airline of Romania, based in Otopeni near Bucharest. Its headquarters and its main hub are at Henri Coandă International Airport. It is currently the first and largest airline operating in Romania based on international destinations, international flights and the third-largest measured by fleet size and passengers carried.

The brand name is an acronym for Romanian: Transporturile Aeriene Române (Romanian Air Transport). Over ninety-seven percent (97.22%) of TAROM is owned by the Romanian Government (Ministry of Transport). The airline transported almost 2.75 million passengers in 2018, with an average load factor of 74%. The airline joined SkyTeam on 25 June 2010.

About TAROM’s 737 Fleet

As of April of 2021, Tarom has 12 Boeing’s 737’s in commercial service, 4 being 737-300’s, 4 being 737-700’s, and another 4 being 737-800’s. As a note, one 737-700 is painted in a special ‘SkyTeam’ livery(this one), and another is painted in a ‘Retro’ livery :).
In another order of ideas, as part of a restructuration plan, one 737-700, followed by the entire fleet of 4 Airbus A318’s will be retired by 2023, and replaced by the 737 MAX. As noted, this is only a plan , and nothing has been confirmed by Tarom itself.

Why Should We Have This Livery?

From my point of view, Infinite Flight lacks the diversity of liveries! I think we should have more liveries, from least visited or unknown places, like Romania and The Balkans!
Let’s not forget that this livery is a special one, and is definitely beautiful ;)
I’d also like to note that the single TAROM livery in IF, is on the A318, and a lot of Romanian, and Balkan players that are playing IF, are desperately wanting and looking forward to any TAROM livery on the 737. Possibly having this for the 21.1 update will be a complete joy, as the majority of us, are waiting for any update on any TAROM livery for even 3 years and beyond ;)
As my final words, thanks for looking in, and be sure to definitely vote, comment, and like this topic, and #LetsgetTAROManotherliveryinIF :) !

TAROM Boeing 737-700
TAROM Boeing 737-800
TAROM Boeing 737-700 Retro Livery
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