TAROM Is Selling 14 Of The 29 Aircrafts It Owns

TAROM is looking forward into simplifying its fleet. Photo Credit

TAROM will sell 14 ATRs, Airbus, and Boeing aircraft out of the 29 it owns. As part of the fleet restructuring and simplification plan, TAROM intends to sell 14 aircraft and keep in the fleet only the new ATRs 72-600 and four Boeing 737-800NGs.

When asked about the restructuring plan of TAROM, the Romanian Minister of Transport, Mr. Cătălin Drulă stated:

Work is underway on a restructuring plan. The plan involves the uniformization of the fleet, it would remain with a smaller fleet, about three quarters of the current size, the reduction of the staff that started. This year the old planes are sold and new planes will come. There is an order placed two years ago for five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. On this plan that streamlines the reduction of staff, about 300 people have already left voluntarily, the others are already being evaluated, by reducing the technical direction, the plan has several steps. There will be only two types of aircraft, Boeing and ATR, which greatly reduces costs with modern aircraft. This plan should return to profitability in 2024 - 2025.

What’s next?

According to the list obtained by a local television channel, the airline is selling two ATRs 42-500 aircraft, four Airbuses A318s, four Boeing 737-300s, and four Boeing 737-700s.
At the starting prices published in the announcement, TAROM wants to obtain at least 98 million dollars from this sale.
Most of the planes that the company has put up for sale are more than 20 years old. For example, the Boeings 737-300s and ATRs 42-500 listed are 27 and 22 years old, respectively, and the four Boeing 737-700s have an average age of almost 19 years.
The newest aircraft that TAROM wants to sell are the four Airbuses A318s. They have an average age of 14 years. According to the source document, the 14 planes are being sold exactly as they are. All the planes put up for sale are parked at Henri Coandă Airport in Bucharest. Another seven ATR aircraft, five 42-500 and two 72-500, will be returned by TAROM to the leasing company Nordic Aviation Capital and ATR. These were part of a buy-back contract concluded at the time of the purchase of the nine ATR 72-600 aircraft.

Additional plans?

If not sold, the planes are still going to be retired according to the restructuring plan, and in six years, TAROM’s fleet should still consist of 21 aircraft, 14 of which should be new. This includes the four Airbuses A318’s retired by 2023, and replaced by the five Boeings 737 MAX (which will be delivered starting from 2023), one Boeing 737-700 followed by the entire fleet of four Boeings 737-300 being retired, and the entire fleet of five ATR’s 42-500 and two 72-500 being returned to ATR and Nordic Aviation Capital, and replaced by the new 9 ATRs 72-600. In this order of plans, only 7 aircraft from the current fleet will be flying, exiting the fleet in the future eventually. In another order of ideas, 14 aircrafts will be leaving the fleet, and will be replaced by 14 new aircrafts.

What do you think about this? Are you sad to see that TAROM intends to retire such an iconic aircraft like the A318? Drop a comment down below!



One less A318 operator. That’s sad.


sad the A318s and 737 classics are fading from the skies
glad that 737MAXes are being added to the sky


Oh no… Sad to see the baby go

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You still have a chance until 2023! Plus, I doubt this restructurating plan will happen as how the things work in Romania 😄😂


oh yes lol

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