Tarom A318
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EFT: 3hrs


Such an underrated aircraft and livery 😁


TAROM VA is not here yet? But I assure you it will be. shhhhh


Love to see the baby bus in action 👶🚌

Nice photos


W airline fr

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i will bump this everyday because W

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W posts man


Tarom gives a whole free hot meal (spicy pasta in general, they also have cheese pasta and some crackers and bread, AND a mini cake) in 1 hour flights.
this is why this airline is too w.

When it lands at lhr everyone looks at it since there are only 2 airlines left with the a318.
And the pilots are so good after many years of flying them I never got a rough landing. All of them were butter.

Also tarom is very underrated on the internet so lets make it more popular!


They stopped doing that in 2019. they don’t serve anything in economy these days, not even a cup of water

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How do you know? You only fly blue air anyway

Do you even know what are you talking about? I was on a TAROM flight back in August 2022 from Athens to Bucharest, they gave us out meal selections, went for the spicy pasta, because then I was a spicy food eater, and went for a cup of water to cool down the spiciness, everything was perfect. Maybe it’s because you haven’t flown TAROM since 2019 and became a full-time Blue Air flyer? Probably. So please next time you type things like that, think 10 times ,is it really worth it to start an argument?’


I thought 20 times and I actually did fly TAROM 5 times last year, although it’s not much, it’s enough to observe their service. It’s a useless argument started by you, who is inventing stories for some reason. We can continue in private if you wanna, I know you’ll accuse me of destroying your thread if I continue here. Eventually, show me a photo of the pasta because I can’t wait to try it myself…despite numerous sources telling otherwise

Sources can be observed in each screenshot


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Wanted to mention, you are ruining ZuluLuke’s thread

Would be useful if you hadn’t taken that photo from a Simply Aviation video posted in 2016 l, just saying


And why do you think I had a picture of that? Obviously I had to take it from somewhere

Am gonna stop here, it’s enough for me and the rest probably 🤣 Wish you a wonderful evening!

BTW Small tip for creating the VA, TAROM is an acronym, therefore the correct spelling is “TAROM” with capital letters.