Tarmac Spotting at KDEN

It has been a while since I last shared a DEN spotting showcase, so I decided that there is no better time then now. Quite a few this time, taken from as early as November to as late as earlier today. Enjoy!
All photos by me, taken with Sony A, 240mm, or Samsung Galaxy S7. Sorry for some of the low quality, some taken with broken camera or on high zoom. Ask before repost.

American Airlines 737-800 (N846NN), still with the Silver Bullet livery, taxing to 34R with the A concourse and the tents in the background.

Penn Air Saab 340B (N410XJ), “Spirit of Alaska” taxing back to Terminal A. This plane flies only about one route, Denver-Scottsbluff.

Southwest 737-700 (N201LV) “The Fred J. Jones”. Fred J. Jones was a Southwest Mechanic, and this name was originally given to another plane, which was later retired. N201LV was the second 737NG delivered to Southwest.

Frontier A320 (N233FR) “Buck the Pronghorn”. At the time of this photo, she was only 3 months old, and the second youngest plane in the fleet.

Frontier A320 (N205FR) “Ozzy the Orca” with the iconic KDEN Tower. Ozzy was Frontier’s fourth A320 ever delivered.

N205FR on final. Funny thing, this photo of Ozzy was taken a week after the one of her taxing.

Southwest 737-700 (N7877H) in the new “Heart” livery on final. One of 492 737-700’s in the Southwest fleet.

An American E-175LR with an United 757-300 chasing close behind.

American Eagle E-175LR (N216NN), she was 14 months old in this photo.

Up close and personal with N216NN-Look at the detail!

United 757-300 (N75858) staring me down. A long-legged beauty…

… or a pencil.

I don’t know why, but at DEN 757’s have a very high climb out. Is that usual?

United 737 Time:

737-900 NG (N61881)

United 737-800 NG (N77536) on short final.

737-800 NG (N77525) Overhead.

737-900 NG (N69839) looking shiny in the Golden Hour.

Gorgeous 777-200ER (N212UA). She was first delivered to United in 2000.

I do not know what is happening to N212UA. Hasn’t flown since New Years Day. Scrapped? Retrofitted?

United 777-200ER (N777UA). This exact plane was the second 777 ever produced and the first one delivered to customer. It was delivered to United in April of 1995 in Battleship Grey. Now in domestic configuration.

“United 376, taxi to Runway 34R”
“Roger, United 376. Say, what number are we in line?”
“Number 19”

British Airways 747-400 (G-CIVT). The beautiful Speedbird!

Lufthansa 747-400 (D-ABVW). Old, yet Gold.

All the international carriers in one photo. British Airways 747-400, Lufthansa 747-400, Lufthansa A330-300, and Icelandair 757-200. Even stranger, Southwest at Concourse A.

A very rich person’s Bombardier Challenger 300 (N517FX), another very rich person’s Canadair Challenger (N327FX) at the executive ramp, with a FedEx MD-11 between them.

A really rare photo. Here is a United 737-900, 757-200, 767-400ER, 777-200ER, and 787-8 getting de-iced. Almost complete the United Boeing family, 747, where you at? Also an A320, A319, Crj-7 and an E-170.

United 787-8 and 777-200ER side by side.

United Narrows: An E-170L (N133SY), A319, and Crj-7 de-icing.

Power. An United 777-200ER’s Pratt and Whitney PW4000. A very large engine up close.

Power. An United 787-8 Dreamliner’s GEnx about to propel itself to Tokyo earlier today.

United 787-8 Dreamliner (N29907) fresh off the de-ice, heading out to Narita.

GEnx’s blowing up snow on the taxi to Concourse B.

The sign reads “STOP. ACTIVE TAXIWAY”. Don’t want to run into the Dream)liner, N26920.

A beautiful plane for a beautiful day. United 787-8, N27901.

And finally, Denver International Airport at sunrise.

This one was a lot. Again, sorry for the low quality on some, but, I hoped you enjoyed, and hope to have some more soon!


Incredible pics! Loved the last one and the ones with the 787.

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Wow great pictures those all look professional how did you get on the tarmac

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My dad is the de-icing ops manager. I go about once a month. Happened to go today, but he was really busy, as it snowed, so I didn’t get around.

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Awesome pics. Must have been a lot of snow at den today.

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About N212UA it was a part of the 2,5,2 seating that is being retrofitted but it’s possible it’s been scrapped or every 4 years a plane goes into maintenance so both can be happening reconfiguration and maintenance

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It was a lot of wet snow, no sticking. The kind that’s bad for planes, as it easily freezes on the planes. Resulted in mass de-icing.

I thought about that. I know that there are two or three domestic still in the 2-5-2, so maybe. It’s last flight was to SFO, and I think they do retrofit there. It’s only 15 years old too.

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Yea, blizzard like conditions a bit north of Denver

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These are some good pictures.

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Going to be flying on the Lufthansa 747 in April! Great photos!


The high quality! Some real beautiful shots there.

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I almost did once three years ago. We were flying FRA-ORD-DEN with United with a long ORD layover, and tried to change to the Lufthansa, but we would lose our business seats, so we didn’t.


That’s so cool, very high quality.

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Looking through my phone again, found this one, @Wattsup_jet:


Dude these photos are mind blowing amazing! Thank you for these 😳! Wow I love each and everyone, and the details you put into describing each photo makes every second worth scrolling through. Absolutely well done mate! I might contact you in the future for information on Denver and spotting areas and such. Wow!

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