Target Altitudes in the Flight Information Tags

Feature Request 2


Having target altitudes in the flight information tags will allow controllers to see what altitude the pilot currently has filed/set in the Autopilot.

Field of Use:

  • Center Controllers will be able to see what cruising altitude every flight under their control is aiming for and can therefore preemptively assign a different altitude should a conflict be imminent.

  • All radar controllers will be able to see if the assigned altitude has been recognized by the Pilot.

  • Especially on the Departure Frequencie planes tend to not follow instructions. This would be visible a lot earlier by being able to see if the assigned altitude had been set on the Autopilot.

  • …

Other Information:

  • I am aware that we are currently able to see the target altitude set by us (the controllers), however, being able to see the Pilots actual set altitude would be beneficial in the situations listed above and beyond.
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Both pictures were taken by me. Thanks @ToasterStroodie for helping out with the Images.

Wouldn´t a “warning” be more usefull if the altitudes don´t match?

Great request. Definitely something that would help out on centre and give the controller more time to give separation out. This is also the same with ground, if we knew where pilots want to park, we could give them perfect taxi instructions to their gate.

Wouldn’t clearance delivery link with this too as you would know what altitude they have requested prior to departure?


Easy, brief & efficient. I literally take so mutch time always to guess if the pilot is following the instructions or not. There we go!