Tapping flashing ATC headset causes a crash

It is so weird and annoying. Sometimes when I am on live, an ATC say nothing to me and my ATC headset is blinking, so I click it and my iPad crashes. I would really appreciate some feedback, thx!

Also I am on version 16.12.0 and on iPad Pro 9.7 inch on IF live. It only happens on training server 1

You know u can edit the post and some more information is needed like device os information and version of IF. Could u also provide more detail so someone can better help you :)

Okay, will do!

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can you also put the problem in the post not in the title please

Only Apple.

Ok thank you

Hmm, try restarting your device. If it doesn’t work try deleting the app and install it again. If that doesn’t work… I ran out of options. How could a next generation device can cause this issue?

Well don’t play Training server 1

He may only be able to play that server

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But he could play causal

This also happened to me.
I found out it only happened when with Approach, departure or center.
When atc says sends a message to you, but it just says the time but no message (in the log) just don’t press acknowledge.

Not sure if you understand what I’m saying

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I can understand you

I love TS1 that’s how I get my X P

Yay someone knows exactly what I am feeling. The other day I was flying a porter dash 8 and the headset was flashing so I tapped it and it crashed. Btw I was in SoCal idk if that had anything to do with it but yea.

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