TAPA 777 early rotation

An average person doesn’t weigh 80kg/175 lbs… this flight could also have children on it

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What I’m saying is wether you are full of pax or not, the plane will be very light compared to full fuel.


I’ve seen the BA777 land at TKPK before. It came right in behind our AAL a320

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Someone actually thought a 777, wide body jet, could take off in 100 feet…

Lmao. That’s not 100 feet! More like 57 ft. Come on now, think!


Probably the flight to St Kitt’s, it’s only about 10 minutes away and uses very little fuel and generally carries only a few passengers hence is extremely light. It’s a leisure route staging out of Antigua.

The idea being the company can advertise routes to St Kitts and also Antigua and carry both.

Also Antigua has a 180 degree turn procedure using a turning pad. Once you’ve completed this turn your nose wheel will be about level with the inner end of the turn pad and the mains will be almost exactly in the middle of the turn pad thus further reducing the alleged take off roll.

It has been ‘known’ to select full climb power on this departure to see where you rotate! You have to find your fun somewhere.


I fly this route on IF as a legit route to fly a realistic route on a WB. nice route, mainly VFR! There was an AAIB report about an incident that took place on take off from St Kitts with a BA777 that used an instersection take off instead of full length and just made it. Also an interesting thread on PPRUNE about that as well.

Sorry if it is off-topic but what will the ‘cruise’ altitude be on such a flight?

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the normal cruising altitude would be 10,000ft to 15,000ft for ST.KITTS although I’m not to sure about this flight probably 24,000ft.

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The flight plan calls for 16000 ft but to be honest quite a few crews will fly it lower and manually.


You’re quite correct. The crew went from an intersection they weren’t supposed to due to incorrect information from the tower and confusion about where taxy way repairs were taking place.

The distance was sufficient however the procedures weren’t followed.

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