TAPA 777 early rotation

This BA 777-200ER rotates after using barely any runway. This usually happens at TAPA considering it flies to other islands in the Caribbean like

  • EGKK to TAPA to TKPK
  • EGKK to TAPA to TTCP
  • EGKK to TAPA to MBPV

Information by @Nathan


There’s both in the above . Not much more to add ;).

@anon7075715 this is pretty cool knowing they can rotate so early. I’ve seen it one other time on a 757!


Might wanna get a new tape measure/pair of eyes. The aircraft itself is 207ft long, and it is using a lot more than that for TO (excluding the displaced threshold too)


I find this hard to believe haha. Might want to change this to something a bit more realistic. ;)

The route for this flight (BA2157) has multiple legs:

  • EGKK to TAPA to TKPK
  • EGKK to TAPA to TTCP
  • EGKK to TAPA to MBPV

Oh I’m so sorry, YouTube videos aren’t showing up for me! It’s so odd.

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No way it is 100 meters

If you look at the vid you see it goes airborne around the first taxiway

This is around 3000ft of runway, which is still impressive, But its not 100ft/m


sorry my friend said its 100

Why exactly is it? Maybe lighter aircraft, close proximity to sea level and maybe a bit more power than normal?..

This is still massively wrong

In the above pic we see the rotation at about the first taxiway

In this pic we see that 750ft is no where near the first taxiway

In this we see the actual length to the taxiway
Around 3000ft ( accounting for the turn at the end which is probably around 200ft)


It only flies to a nearby island less than 20-30 mins away with a very light load and little fuel.


That’s crazy, why the 777? A popular route?

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Some 777s owned by European Carriers (i.e KLM, Air France, British Airways) are used for leisure routes (Usually they use 5th Freedom). The demand to Caribbean from Europe is pretty high so I think it’s not surprising 😉


I would say the reason is to avoid having to fly 2 separate aircraft where they would only half fill the plane, so they fly from gatwick to TAPA then onwards with the remaining passengers having operated across the Atlantic with a full load

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its just plain light the flight is like only 30 minutes long

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But just because it’s a 30 minute flight doesn’t mean a full of passengers 777 can rotate in 3000 feet of runway…


Based on DailyMail U.K. it says 1220 meters or 4002 feet of takeoff space. I love the 777

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Passengers are only a very small piece of weight compared to the fuel.


this flight had just about 40 people so your right

this flight had just about 40 people so yeah it kinda does.

@anon7075715 @Ryan_Vince 40 x 80kg= 3200kg.
On a flight like this, I don’t think more than a few thousands of kg of fuel would be used…
So it’s quite a fraction of the payload weight.