TAP Virtual Presents: The NEO Miami Fly in


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Server: Expert
Airport: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Date & Time: 2024-03-24T12:00:00Z2024-03-25T05:00:00Z

Olá everyone,
Get ready to buckle up and soar with excitement as @TAPVirtual is turning up the heat with an event that’s hotter than a spring’s day in Florida an event that’s bound to make Miami sizzle even more!
We’re putting the spotlight on the sleek and stylish A330-900neo, the only aircraft the has the butter neo technology in Infinite Flight. We encourage all Virtual Airlines and pilots to join this event in the A339neo, lets celebrate the new generation of airplanes and spring together.

Welcome, IFC pilots and VAs! Prepare for an exhilarating journey through the new generation of airplanes as we take flight aboard the sleek A330-900neo for our authentic NEO TAP Air Portugal group experience.
Below, you’ll find the thrilling particulars of our upcoming group flight:

Lisboa (LPPT) to Miami (KMIA)

  • Departure: Lisbon 1200Z
  • Aircraft: Airbus A330-900neo
  • Arrival: Miami at 2100Z

Our Route Manager has gone the extra mile to handpick a fantastic selection of flights that suit pilots of all kinds. We want to make sure every pilot has a great time in the skies.

Short Hauls
Airline Route Aircraft Flight Time
DL KATL - KMIA B757 1H30
NK KDFW - KMIA A320 2H00
SW KORD - KMIA B738 2H15
AV SKBO - KMIA B788 3H00
Medium Hauls
Airline Route Aircraft Flight Time
AA KSAN - KMIA B739 04H00
UA KDEN - KMIA B738 4H30
DL KMSP - KMIA B738 4h05
Long Hauls
Airline Route Aircraft Flight Time
TP LPPT - KMIA A339 9H00
LH EDDF - KMIA A339 10H00
BA EGLL - KMIA A388 9H00
QR OTHH - KMIA A350 15H45

This is a list of VAs joining our Event, and it will be updated as more VAs join us.

Airline Route Aircraft Departure Time Arrival Time
@TAPVirtual LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@KoreanAirVirtual LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@airBalticVirtual LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@DubaiVirtual LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@TurkiyeVirtual KBOS-KMIA E190 1800Z 2100Z
@DeltaVirtual KATL-KMIA B752 1830Z 2100Z
@RyanairVirtualGroup LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@UPSVirtual KDFW-KMIA MD-11F 1830Z 2100Z
@QatariVirtual LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@SouthwestVirtual KATL-KMIA B737/B738 1830Z 2100Z
@AirEuropaVirtual LPPT-KMIA A339 1200Z 2100Z
@easyJetVirtual EGLL-KMIA A339 1300Z 2100Z
@AirCanadaVirtual CYYZ-KMIA BCS3 1800Z 2100Z
@AmericanVirtual KDFW-KMIA B788 1830Z 2100Z
@PorterVirtual CYYZ-KMIA E190 1800Z 2100Z

• We are not responsible for any violations issued during the event
• Follow all ATC instructions
• Act professionally throughout the event
• If ATC is not present use the traffic frequency correctly
• All of these rules apply to both commercial and GA aircraft
• Most importantly, have fun!

So what are you waiting for to join us?


We are not in any way affiliated by TAP Air Portugal or Infinite Flight. All trademarks and logos remain the property of TAP Air Portugal.

© TAP Air Portugal Virtual 2024.

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Hi 👋🏼
I would love to join the group flight LPPT-KMIA!
Do I need to sign up?

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Olá @Ywikiwinfiniteflight , you dont need to sign up just be there on time to join this fantastic group flight.

Kind regards,

Carlos, Chief Executive Officer


Ok thank you! I’ll be there


Another beautiful event hosted by the best Virtual organization out there! Looking forward to see everyone there 💚


Wow ! Another amazing event hosted by Tap Virtual !
So proud to be in this VA and cannot wait to see the community turn up for this !


I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in the infinite skies in a month. Thanks to @TAPVirtual for creating the event.


At the right time, with a great VA.

Hopefully we can do something similar to our last featured event :)

The skies in Europe and in the USA will be full of happiness.

Proud to be part of this team.

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I might join


Really can’t wait event hosted by @TAPVirtual Looking forward to see everyone there 💚


Wish I could join but I will be in the more quiet and calm version of Miami! Also know as paradise called Hawaii 🌺


Looking forward to this!


Great event, can’t wait to be a part of it!


The Ryanair Virtual Group Team is proud to be able to participate in this event, we can’t wait for it!

President & Founder, Ryanair Virtual Group


Hello everyone,

The list of VAs joining doesn’t seem to stop growing. It looks like @TAPVirtual pilots and our partner pilots are definitely gearing up for a crazy ride and an awesome group flight from LPPT.

The hot topic on IFC right now is the battle between MAX and NEO aircraft. If you’re a NEO family lover, we definitely invite you to be part of our VA because we operate the only aircraft on IF with the NEO butter technology 😉


Carlos Sousa , Chief Executive Officer


We’re super excited to be flying with you guys into Miami!

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This event interferes with the finale of my March Spring Break trip so I’ll be attending although not on TAP 😅

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