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Connecting Portugal to the World. At TAPVA we aim to offer the best possible experience to our pilots. Here you get to meet others and develop new friendships, because we have members from all over the globe! You can also develop your soft and hard skills! Here we have a big variety of routes and aircrafts, so you won’t get bored!

We meet the needs of the Portuguese community, which has all its members, currently, in the VA. We are flexible and adaptable to the changes in the simulator. What are you waiting for? Our arms are wide open!


Striving to give all our pilots the best professional flying experience we can, and to guarantee that every member feels part of the group. Everyday we work hard to ensure we achieve that goal.


TAP AIR Portugal Virtual offers an amazing website with all the necessary information members need regarding their flights such as routes, the fleet (and ranks) and the hours they have currently logged for the VA. The platform used to create the website was Weebly. Please don’t hesitate to take a quick look at it, either by clicking on ‘‘Our Website’’, or through the link displayed here: https://tapvirtualif.weebly.com



The TAP AIR Portugal VA’s staff is dedicated and attentive, certainly people that you can rely on if there is any problem

VA Managment
Name IFC account Position/Role
João Sousa @Narruto_Mieumieu CEO
Manuel Macedo @Manuel_Macedo COO
António Macedo @Flying_Ant Head of Public Affairs
RTK @HFP Event Manager and Coordinator
Discord Managment
Name IFC account Position/Role
Marcos David @Marcos Flight Manager
Alberto Neves @Europa_U_E_99 Server Moderator
Henrique Chen No IFC account Server Moderator


As in real life, TAP AIR Portugal VA’s fleet is filled with diversity, from the E190, through the A320, and onto the majestic 747-200. To take a look at our fleet, check here, or take a look below!

Embraer E190 - The Brazilian made Embraer 190 is used in our TAP Express routes. It is a pleasant aircraft to fly.

Embraer E195 - The longer version of the E190, the E195 is used on longer TAP Express routes, such as Lisbon-Manchester.

Airbus A319 - The smaller version of the A320, the A319, is used on long medium-haul routes, as well as some lower-demand medium-haul routes.

Airbus A320 - The Airbus’s best-seller plane, the A320, is on our fleet, being used on our medium haul routes across routes.

Airbus A321 - The longer version of the A320, the A321, is used on our medium-haul routes with higher demand. When the NEO version gets delivered, it will also be used in routes between Porto and the US East Coast.

Airbus A330 - The A330 is used on all of our long haul routes. Easy to land, and pleasant to fly.

Boeing B747-200 - The memory of the good ol’ days, when TAP used to have B747-200s. Fortunately still in TAP VA’s fleet, and used on our long haul routes.


Along with our Aircraft, we have a ranking system with 6 Ranks, that allows our members to develop as experienced pilots in the VA. We work like this: The more the hours logged for us, the heavier your rank, and larger the number of aircraft you get to taste. Check them here or take a look below!

Aircraft Hour Requirement Rank
Embraer 190 0 hours Trainee
Embraer 195 3 hours Second Officer
Airbus A319 6 hours First Officer
Airbus A320 & A321 12 hours Senior First Officer
Airbus A330 30 hours Captain
Boeing 747-200 60 hours Commander

Other than ranks, to motivate our pilots, we offer virtual TAP “Descobertas” designations with 3 colors: TPVABronze, TPVASilver and TPVAGold:

Card Hour Requirement
TPVA Bronze 30 Hours
TPVA Silver 70 Hours
TPVA Gold 100 Hours


It has been 2 years since TAP AIR Portugal VA has started to connect Portugal to various astonishing destinations, spread across 34 countries, in 3 continents. Most of our medium haul routes are in Europe, with the majority of the long haul ones being destinated to South America. Check the routes here !


TAP AIR Portugal VA has partnerships with VAs that cover the rest of the world
Meet our amazing partners!

IFVARB Approved Non-IFVARB Approved
AIr India Virtual (AIVA) Azul VA (AVIF)
Etihad Virtual (EYV)
Swiss International Virtual (SIVA)


Interested in joining the VA? It’s really easy, Just click on the “Interested? Join!” above, or click here and you will be redirected to fill in a formulary! Now, the only thing left is to do expect a response in the next 24h!

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to fill our support formulary, which you’ll find here!

A huge thanks to @Flying_Ant for elaborating this amazing thread, and to @HFP, for helping with the adjustments and some final details. We would also like to thank to our amazing pilots who made possible for us to stay active for so long!

Thanks for reading our thread. If you have any questions, please ask, we want your opinions! Here at the VA, we will always be awaiting new members De Braços Abertos or "With Arms wide Open"


This VA is not affiliated with or endorsed by TAP AIR Portugal®. The TAP AIR Portugal® designs used in this thread are trademarks of the TAP AIR Portugal corporation®

All logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with TAPVA’s website, services, or brand belong to their respective owners. We have not been given direct permission by the airline for the use of their logos.

Bons voos!-Happy Flying!

Visitem Portugal!-Visit Portugal!

On behalf of the whole VA, thank you for reading our thread!


Looks amazing! Nice work 🙂


Thank you, Misha!


Looks Exceptional!


You really did an outrageous job! Congratulations!
Muito bem, António!

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Amazing Thread! One of the few threads that really want to make me Join.


Thanks for the kind words!



We’re now sponsoring this event! New members joining the VA through this event will be able to skip the Embraer jets and start flying the A319! In adition, the flight time will be counted as the double! We are hoping to see you there!

Bons voos/Happy flights

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What was that with Double Flight Time, We have that in Norwegian Virtual but shall i write that in the Event?: For those who participate in the TAP VA will get 2x flight time.

That’s not needed, but you can add if you wish so. It is just regarding the VA and new pilots arriving through the event. If you want to discuss further more, just Dm me :-)

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Ok Thank you. Are you the Founder CEO?


Did you know we are having an event? It is a Porto fly-in! Check it out!

Also, Instagram account coming very soon… Stay tuned!

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