Tap to Show Aircraft for ATC

The Issue

The biggest issue I have while controlling ground and tower is that even with the aircraft count set to “very high”, I still can’t see many of the aircraft, especially if the airfield is large. This becomes a problem when two aircraft have a conflict on the ground and are about to collide but I cannot see them to send a give way command. See the picture below for another example:
Here at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, there is an aircraft waiting for pushback (shown in yellow) and an aircraft waiting to taxi (shown in red). However, from the tower view, the aircraft do not display, so it is difficult to see if the yellow aircraft has enough space to pushback.

It has been asked in the past for ATC to have the ability to see all aircraft on the ground. This has yet to be implemented. The main problem with this solution is that it would probably create extreme lag for the controller, because it forces the system to draw and render all of the aircraft.

The Solution

What if you could tap on a hidden aircraft on the ground radar and have it appear for a certain amount of time (30 seconds-1 min). This would allow for quick resolution of ground conflicts because now you can see the aircraft. In addition, this system would not increase the lag by much, because you are only selecting a few individual aircraft to be shown, not all of them. These selected aircraft would be shown in addition to the aircraft shown by whatever aircraft count setting you have.

This feature would also be usable by tower, but only for aircraft on the ground. For tower, the feature would help with conflicts like aircrafts crossing the hold short line or entering the runway.


I believe that this system would streamline the way Ground ATC deals with conflicts and therefore improve the overall ground experience for pilots as well. It is the best way to quickly display hidden aircraft while minimizing lag. I hope to see this feature implemented for Infinite Flight, as it is just one step closer to making ground as efficient as possible!

Got my vote, it would come really handy especially on FNF


You know we have a map that’s shows all the traffic and usually that’s all we need(although I use tower view a little).In your case you should Have been using the map as it would show both aircraft and u could easily instruct them properly
Some people do have trouble with the map,but I do completely fine

Although the tower view does show the actual aircraft and may clear some things up.map is more convenient in my opinion
I personally don’t think we need this feature request
But I see where u r coming from :)

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When there is a lot of traffic, I find there is no option in using the tower view or not, I have to. The map is a lot harder to judge and it may look like two aircraft are on top of each other. This would really come in handy.

You have my vote :)

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IFATC are taught and are required to use the actual tower view when they control ground. The ground radar gives no perception of space and depth, therefore making it even more difficult than the tower view. As we do not have taxiway maps on the ground radar, you also can’t see if aircraft are on the taxiway or not or if they are going to cross paths with another aircraft. Try using the tower view next time you control ground and then tell me how annoying it is to not be able to see the aircraft you need to see