TAP to go to SFO

With the A330 NEO coming out I had to fly one of TAP Airline’s most iconic routes from LPPT to KSFO. The 12 hour flight leaves right off the coast of the Portugal across the entire Atlantic and USA.

Flight Information:

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A330-900
Airline: TAP
Flight Time: 11:45
Cruising Speed: MACH 0.83
Cruising Altitude: FL350, FL390

Iberojet parked at the gate next to me at Lisbon

Holding short for a TAP A330 NEO to land

Off to San Francisco!

View of Lisbon in the air

View of 3D Boston with from above!

Flying over Iowa

View of the Bay Area

On short final

Smooth landing in San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco everybody. Thanks for flying with TAP!

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Very cool! I remember posting about IF on my instagram, but I decided to follow my dreams and become a real life plane spotter! I still play IF if you wanna fly sometime😁

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Thanks for the kind words! Sure, we can fly sometime in the near future! I’ll shoot you a pm sometime soon.

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Bet! I haven’t flown with someone in I’d say a few months 😅

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Title game on point… pics were even better

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nice shots mate

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