Tap Portugal ,planes that could be of great pleasure to fly

I will list with much pleasure the aircraft that already exist on infinite flights, with the absence of the Tap Portugal livery. I would be very grateful if this post is read and evaluated to insert these livery.
Airbus A330-200
The modern
Modern, comfortable and efficient, the Airbus A330 is one of the favorite aircraft of both carriers and passengers. Fuel efficient and equipped with comfortable and silent cabins, it is one of the flagships of our fleet.

Embraer 190
The Embraer 190 is one of the most current aircraft, with advanced technology, which allows you to open new routes and reach new markets. They are the most flexible, the best in terms of savings and efficiency.
The ideal companions!

Airbus A321-200
In the A320 family, the Airbus A321 is the largest and most efficient. This single-aisle aircraft is the best-selling aircraft in its category. Comfortable, efficient and versatile, these aircraft are used for both short trips and intercontinental flights.

Embraer 195
The Embraer 195 is a sort of “star” in his family. In addition to being the largest aircraft in the jet engine range, it is also the lightest, and therefore the cheapest in terms of fuel consumption. Equipped with almost 30% larger windows than other planes, it invites you to contemplate the panorama and embodies an example of effort to preserve it, since it uses quieter materials and a less polluting engine.

I would be lying if I say that I would have written all this without looking at some information on google but my knowledge is not very high on tap. however I would like to show that the livery request on the tap is very high, and we only have 3 livre taps on infinity flight.
with this I can’t wait for more liveries to make long-haul and short-haul flights with these aircraft. a big hello to all, and look forward to the new liveries.
good day

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Although you should probably make individual requests on #features , I have flown on the A321LR before! I really loved the plane and the livery :)

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I agree, TAP’s livery is very photogenic. I’ve seen some #features requests on the same. For you to make a #features request for TAP and many more you need to be TL2, easily achievable with your personality.

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