TAP Portugal Express Embraer 190



Nice livery!

Omg is this a dream looks amazing

I just don’t like the tail.

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Why this airline when you can add a lot more others that are more popular. My honest opinion

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Ummm…TAP is a bit popular and I liked the livery so I requested it.


Not more popular than a reworked United with the new livery and the new American added. Tap is popular in Europe not around the world

My honest opinion

Well not everyone needs a United & American on every aircraft in the game. Also some people may not know of your “popular airlines” TAP is a popular airline they just don’t fly to Northern America as far as I know. Does that make them not popular?

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They do fly to North America but there are not many flights to there.

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Hey man that's my honest opinion. Yours might be different but that's mine. I don't need you coming in here talking crap about my opinion alright

Ok well you shouldn’t just say it’s a bad request because they aren’t well known around the world.

Go in dictionary and look up opinion

As @TheNorthernAviatorz said yes, TAP Portugal travels to US, they also operated flight to Panama, sadly they terminated the route because it was “less lucrative”. And I support your statement too. I would like the TAP livery more, because of their colours. I don’t see a problem if someone requests a livery of a not very popular airline (only if the topic is not duplicated of course)

Im fully for this livery it wasn’t me saying it was a bad idea.

I meant when you said this.

I was supporting that topic then.

I like it a lot! I’m loving the awesome color combinations!

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Don’t ever trust Wikipedia. People could change it or edit it. It’s not trustworthy

If people do change it or edit it, especially a page as large as a whole airline, they have bots to change it right back.