TAP Portugal and it’s Possible Buyers

TAP Portugal are currently a government run airline out of Lisbon and Porto, but recently the government have been looking at privatisation. Initially it seemed that Air France-KLM were front runners for the acquisition. However, this might not be the case as it seems IAG and Lufthansa Group are also eyeing the Portuguese airline with hopes of expanding their Brazilian and Latin American networks.


European airline monopolization? Who could have seen it coming…


True, but would be very interesting to see how whichever group that purchases the airline would rebrand it? I flew them in December and the government run airline definitely left a lot to be desired! It would also be interesting to see how the groups make use of the Brazilian and Latin American connections, could allow for some decent codeshares within South America since I believe all groups have an airline of the same alliance in South America.


The LH group has gotten out of hand, they already manage 7 airlines (LH, LX, OS, SN, WK, EW, EN). And they will probably soon take over ITA. I really hope AFKLM will take over TAP as it will enable them to better compete against LH group. Plus LH will destroy another pathway to *G with their ludricous 100K mile requirement for senator status.


I personally hope for IAG to be the ones to close the deal with the Portuguese government, with IAG already having a presence in Spain, Ireland and the UK through British Airways, Aer Lingus, Vueling and British Airways, in my mind it would make the most sense for them. Given that they would then have connections between neighbouring countries Spain and Portugal, connections to the UK and Ireland, which are two large hubs meaning Portugal would be more widely available to more global travellers through codeshares and it would also compliment the South American connection Iberia and British Airways already have! I think Brazil is realistically the least served country out of all South American countries from IAG.

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Honestly I wouldn’t mind if IAG took over. I just hope that TAP’s cheap fares (especially business class) remain, and that seems unlikely if LH group takes over.

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This is true, I would be more interested whether these groups would push to change the alliance TAP is currently in to their own, obviously if they did not, LH Group would be the front runners as their are already the same group. I think One World would be a good suit for TAP Portugal as they would join Finnair, Malaysian and Qatar as being the cheaper end of the spectrum with AA, BA, JAL, Qantas and Cathay remaining the more expensive of the group with Jordanian, Alaska, Sri Lankan and Royal Air Maroc. I think with TAP One World would offer a very competitive group dynamic to pull passengers away from Star Alliance and Skyteam with price ranges for all. Just interested to see where Oman Air will fit into it with them joining in 2024.

IAG = One World
AFKLM = Skyteam
LH Group = Star Alliance

Definitely not biased towards One World because of Cathay…

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