TAP Portugal Airbus A321



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I know right! This is a magnificent livery but it just doesn’t fit right on the A321.

I do want the TAP livery on the A321 but I guess Staff isn’t making it, that leaves a Portuguese person sad.

I love this aircraft good request!

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Those Lufthansa’s planes in the background…

Nice livery.

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Thanks dude, as a Portuguese person I am really thankfull, no one likes us after we won the European… Thanks!


Why do you keep thinking they don’t like Portugal because they haven’t added another TAP livery?


Nah, Im saying no one at least here on europe likes us.

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And why do you think that?

Psst a aircraft from Qatar to ruin the line.
This livery doesn’t look good on the A321, too long, maybe A319


Because they litterally said “Portugal did not deserve it!!! We hate Portugal!”

And who said that?

As a Portuguese, I doubt they said that. But anyway, this is an amazing livery, would look amazing!!!

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