TAP Portugal A330-300 (new livery)


today TAP celebrates 74 years of History! 👏🏻


That’s what I’m talking about … Just put what they want. TAP is one of the most voted A330 liveries, nothing! Thank you!

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The secret of getting a livery, is to have no more than 10 votes! The more votes you have, the harder it will be to add. Disappointed with the IFC, what good is that ?! Removing my vote!


Unfortunately Did not come 💔


Before the world was over I wanted to see it in Infinite Flight.


We’re two. I fully agree. But at least you got the TAM livery you wanted :-)

A bit surprised Sri Lankan made it but TAP didn’t…

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They managed to make the IF worse, before I could simulate with the high graphic, now I have to settle for the medium. And perhaps the most voted livery of the IF, one of the largest operators of A330 in the world, does not come. Disappointing! I hope they correct the faults and bring us the TAP

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Remember that votes don’t really do anything to determine what is going to be added. Also wouldn’t complain too much as they added the TAM 77W for you:)

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Well, I also missed the TAP on the A330, but we must remember that another much awaited livery came for us, and as it was said at the outset, this update would not have a livery or anything else related to aircraft; so I’m grateful for the added liveries and hope that in the next update we can see TAP on the A330. 🙂


I’m sad they did not put it on. They say that the votes give the importance that each request has and that serve the most requested. Yes, we get a much needed, I do not speak for myself, I speak for the whole Brazilian and Portuguese community, We are sad about this. They added a livery with only 9 votes, and this one that has just over 9, did not. Thanks for the added liverys, they are beautiful but we would hope this one in that small work done in the A330. We can only wait!


Same to Iberia…
we need them for long haul as TAP and Iberia don’t have in the current game


58 Votes and 91 messages but not added, I don’t understand what we need to do … :(


The only thing missing for this update was perfect, it was this TAP!


Voted! Would love to see this expand the TAP fleet!


Would love to see this but I’m holding on for a full rework.

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I do not know if it’s true, but I’ve seen someone say on social networks that the TAP A330 did not come because of licensing issues. But I am hopeful that in a future update we will have the pleasure of flying with this beautiful aircraft.


I don’t know what happened, but somehow we got 28 votes! Nice job everyone! Let’s get this livery to IF!

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So IF developers really need to acquire all the licenses to add liveries to the game ? Or do they just need permission to use the image of the company ?
This seems a little drastic if it’s true, it’s free advertising for airline companies to have their planes featured in different simulators.


Like I said, I do not know if it’s true; in case, a developer would have to come here to explain that part of the liveries process.

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